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Adrian Boc
Andrei Costea
Dragos Dubina
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Vlad Cvasa
I’m one of the HAI’s founders and my experience in this field lasts from 2002. I’m trainer and coach and, actually all my activities so far were oriented towards people: human medicine, sales, management, organizational psychology, transactional analysis.
Spectacular sports and activities are some of my hobbies. In fact, I’m fascinated by all that challenges in a way all the frontiers, known or unconscious.
Human thinking, feeling, interaction and behaviour are of great interest for me.
I prefer “and” instead of “or”, ”towards” instead of ”against”, ”together” instead of ”apart”, ”through” or ”over” instead of ”between”, ”higher” instead of ”enough”. 
I’d like to see the world more and to meet, do, feel, understand, remember more.
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